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Advanced Logistics Center for Adani Logistics

This project study examines the construction of the advanced logistics center for Adani Logistics. The objective of the PEB manufacturer was to address Adani Logistics’ expanding operational needs by providing a flexible and efficient PEB solution for the new logistics center. By associating with Everest, Adani achieved significant cost savings, operational functionality, and, accelerated project timelines.

Project Brief
The logistics industry plays a crucial role in the global economy, requiring efficient and adaptable infrastructure to support its operations. The rapidly growing company, Adani Logistics sought to expand its facilities to meet rising demands. After careful evaluation of various PEB manufacturers, Adani Logistics decided to work with Everest for building an efficient logistics center due to the manufacturer’s credibility in the PEB industry.

The initial stage involved thorough planning and design to ensure that the pre-engineered steel building would meet Adani’s unique requirements. Effective collaboration between Adani, the consultant and Everest enabled customized design development. Key considerations included floor area, column spacing, height clearance, natural lighting and ventilation systems.

The logistics center with an area of more than 1,90,000 sq. ft., has a very comprehensive plan. The layout incorporated considerations such as floor layout, storage systems, material handling equipment and structural requirements. The design was carefully planned to accommodate storage racks, mezzanine floors, loading docks, and advanced inventory management systems.

The logistics industry is characterized by ever-changing demands, making flexibility and scalability critical factors. The design allowed for large unobstructed spaces, enabling easy reconfiguration of storage areas and accommodating various equipment and machinery requirements which facilitated enhanced operational efficiency and streamlined processes, reducing material handling and transit times.
Due to this, the logistics center could adapt to changing business needs and accommodate additional storage or operational requirements without significant disruptions.

Cost Benefit Solution
The cost-effective PEB solution offered by Everest proved to be a significant advantage for the logistics company. By thorough planning and accurate project management, the end user avoided project delays and saved considerable costs. The optimum design, efficient manufacturing process and reduced labor requirements due to the meticulous resource allocation plan further contributed to substantial cost savings.

In Conclusion
Everest successfully addressed Adani’s needs by leveraging its engineering, manufacturing and execution capabilities to construct a cost-effective, flexible and operationally efficient Logistics center. This case study serves as a valuable example for other logistics companies seeking to optimize their infrastructure and drive overall success in a rapidly evolving industry.


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