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High-Speed Rail FOB, Ahmedabad

In a drive to revamp India’s transportation infrastructure, high-strength steel emerges as a key material for the swift construction of high-speed rail foot over bridges.

In a concerted effort to modernise India’s transportation network, the government has undertaken an ambitious initiative to expand the railway and metro infrastructure. The deployment of metro rail networks in Tier-1 cities and the construction of high-speed rail foot-over bridges (FOB) have become crucial components of this transformative journey. At the heart of these engineering marvels lies steel, an indispensable element in ensuring the rapid and reliable construction of bridge structures.

For these vital projects, the choice of steel grade holds paramount importance. JSP has recognised the unique requirements of railway bridges and offers customised length structural steel conforming to Research Design & Standard Organisation (RDSO) specifications. Each bridge structure demands specific load-bearing capacities, and JSP meets these needs with a comprehensive selection of high-strength grades, including E350, E410, and E450.

Recent FOB projects in Lucknow and Ahmedabad stand as a testament to the efficiency of high-strength steel. Notably, E450BR high-strength steel was employed in these projects, highlighting its cost-effectiveness. To showcase the cost-effectiveness of this choice, consider a comparative table, taking customer requirements for E250BR grade and a net price of Rs 75,000 per metric ton as a reference:

  HSS Grade Increase in YS Potential savings in usage Savings in steel cost considering

additional prices

for high

strength steel

Potential saving in cost
Conventional Use is YS 250 MPA YS 350 MPa 40% over 250 Mpa 20% 15% ~11,000 per MT
YS 410 Mpa 64% over 250 Mpa 30% 25% ~ 18,000 per MT
YS 450 Mpa 80% over 250 Mpa 40% 30% ~22,000 per MT

The adoption of high-strength steel (E450) brings significant cost savings, up to 30 per cent, compared to conventional E250BR grade steel. These savings not only benefit project budgets but also underscore the structural resilience of the bridges.

Moreover, JSP offers fire-resistant steel compliant with IS15103 standards, capable of withstanding temperatures up to 600oC for three hours. This innovation enhances safety while reducing costs, in contrast to alternatives like intumescent paint.

India’s transportation landscape is rapidly evolving, with the expansion of railway and metro networks at the forefront. Steel, particularly high-strength grades like E450BR supplied by JSP, plays a pivotal role in the construction of robust and cost-effective bridge structures. These endeavours represent not only progress in transportation but also the critical role steel plays in shaping India’s infrastructure future.

Fact File
Project: High-Speed Rail Foot-over Bridge, Ahmedabad
Client: NHRCL
Architect: RITES
Fabricator: BL Kashyap
Steel Grade: E450


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