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Tata Steel UK Delivers First Optemis Carbon Lite Steel in Line with Decarbonization Goals

Tata Steel UK has recently fulfilled its commitment to decarbonization by delivering its inaugural Optemis Carbon Lite steel to Boecker Stahl-Service, a German infrastructure supplier. This significant milestone aligns with Tata Steel UK’s objective to reduce carbon emissions.

As part of this achievement, Tata Steel UK has provided Boecker Stahl-Service with 22 metric tons of hot dip galvanized (HDG) steel. This particular steel boasts an impressive 85 percent reduction in carbon content, making it an excellent choice for cable tray systems utilized in major infrastructure projects that prioritize lower carbon footprints.

Tata Steel UK has set ambitious targets for the future. By 2030, the company aims to decrease carbon emissions by a minimum of 30 percent. Furthermore, Tata Steel UK is committed to achieving carbon-neutral steel production by 2045.


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