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Jitendra Meghrajani

College Name & Place: National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur
Years of Experience: 8+ years
Idol/Mentor: Dr. Hemant Kumar Vinayak (Young Scientist Award Winner- HP)
Mantra for success: Hard work replaces everything and everyone
I want to be remembered as: Someone who pushes the boundaries of creativity while upholding the highest standards of technical excellence.
Steel Projects you currently working on: RC Plasto (Tank & Pipe) Plant, MIDC Hingna, Nagpur
                                                                          Drools (ABIS Export India Pvt. Ltd.), Rajnandgaon
                                                                          Ankit Pulps & Boards, Patgawari
                                                                          R.A. Logistics, Bhiwandi
                                                                          Benny Cold Stores, Raipur

Talking About Life’s Engineering Saga (TALES)’ exclusively focuses on structural consultants across the globe wherein they share their engineering journey in their own words.

From his journey from a curious student to a seasoned professional, Jitendra Meghrajani, Founder and Principal Consultant, Megh Engineering Consultants, shares his thoughts on the challenges faced, streamlining construction practices and more…

Your inspiration for engineering as a profession…
Engineering became my passion due to my fascination with how buildings interact with the natural world. The idea of crafting designs that seamlessly combine aesthetics and functionality, while also leaving a positive mark on society, intrigued me from the outset. Witnessing the impressive architectural feats around me, I felt compelled to contribute to this field. The allure of engineering wasn’t just its complexity, but the potential it held to reshape our surroundings with innovation.

The learning curve from a student to a pro today…
The shift from a curious student to a seasoned professional was a journey marked by continuous growth. NIT-Hamirpur was pivotal in providing me with a solid grounding in engineering principles. The academic rigour and comprehensive curriculum laid the theoretical groundwork that later translated into practical skills. However, the pivotal moment occurred when I realised that the realm of engineering extended beyond textbooks. Embracing hands-on experiences and collaborating with industry experts allowed me to apply my knowledge to intricate real-world challenges. The learning curve was demanding yet exceptionally rewarding, and it continues to evolve as each new project unfolds.

Various challenges you face as a structural consultant…
Navigating the role of a structural consultant presents a diverse array of challenges that stretch beyond calculations and blueprints. The task involves striking a delicate balance between the artistic visions of architects and the practical demands of structural integrity. Each project is a unique puzzle, necessitating innovative solutions while adhering to budget constraints and construction timelines. Staying abreast of ever-evolving codes, standards, and technological advancements is imperative to deliver designs that are both safe and forward-looking. Additionally, effective communication across multidisciplinary teams, each with its own priorities, requires astute interpersonal skills. The challenge lies in harmonising diverse perspectives into a cohesive design that stands as a testament to collaboration.

Your views on the usage of parallel flange beams in the Indian construction community…
The widespread adoption of parallel flange beams in the Indian construction landscape signifies a significant stride toward engineering efficiency. These beams, characterised by their symmetrical profile and uniform material distribution, offer a compelling fusion of strength and versatility. Beyond their inherent load-bearing capacity, parallel flange beams provide an elegantly streamlined interface for integrating both architectural and structural elements. This harmonious integration not only fortifies the structural integrity of buildings but also fosters architectural creativity. The prevalence of parallel flange beams symbolises a departure from conventional practices, allowing engineers and architects to push boundaries while maintaining safety standards. As a testament to engineering progress, parallel flange beams exemplify the evolving face of construction in India.

One thing you would change in the construction practices in India…
In envisioning a transformation in India’s construction practices, my focus would be on the comprehensive integration of Building Information Modeling (BIM) throughout the project’s lifecycle. BIM represents not merely a technological tool but a collaborative methodology that transcends traditional boundaries. Its implementation would foster a holistic approach from project conception to operational stages, aligning stakeholders toward a unified vision. This convergence would streamline communication, optimise resource allocation, and mitigate potential conflicts. By constructing the project virtually before breaking ground, we can identify and address issues pre-emptively, enhancing efficiency and elevating construction quality. The integration of BIM isn’t just a change; it’s a paradigm shift poised to redefine India’s construction landscape.

Your relationship with steel…
My affiliation with steel mirrors that of a collaborative partner, one whose versatility and strength enhance my design repertoire. Steel isn’t a mere material; it’s a medium through which I channel creativity and functionality. It serves as the bedrock of the structures I conceptualise, bridging the gap between architectural innovation and structural robustness. The inherent adaptability of steel resonates with modern construction’s evolving demands, allowing me to sculpt both grand columns and intricate details. This relationship is one characterised by mutual respect and inspiration, empowering me to engineer solutions that endure the test of time.

Your best work in steel so far…
One of my proudest accomplishments with steel is the Haldirams project. Its significance lies in seamlessly integrating structural innovation with architectural brilliance. By extending RCC columns to mezzanine height and skillfully interconnecting mezzanine beams using steel, we achieved an expansive 3,60,000 sq ft space with a 20 m clear height. This unique approach eradicated offsets, creating a visually stunning and functionally efficient environment. The project showcases steel’s adaptability in realising complex designs while maintaining structural integrity – a hallmark of our commitment to excellence.

An international steel-specific project that inspires you…
The Boeing Everett Factory is an exceptional example that never ceases to inspire. This aerospace facility in the USA showcases the immense potential of steel.

Covering about 98 acres (398,000 sq m), it’s one of the world’s largest enclosed structures. Its roof, spanning 30 acres (121,406 sq m), is supported by colossal steel trusses that stretch 1,000 ft (305 m) in length and 200 ft (61 m) in width.

Beyond its scale, the factory demonstrates technical brilliance. It assembles Boeing 747s and other wide-body aircraft, requiring a floor loading capacity of about 2,440 kg per sq m. The steel trusses and columns not only carry these loads but also facilitate efficient movement during assembly.

The Boeing Everett Factory epitomises the combination of strength and adaptability. This project continually reminds me of steel’s transformative power in achieving ambitious engineering feats.

How do you update and upgrade yourself with the changing times…
Staying in sync with the dynamic engineering landscape necessitates an unwavering commitment to learning and adaptation. Engaging in professional networks, attending technical seminars, and collaborating with experts within interdisciplinary forums are integral facets of my approach. Conversations with fellow engineers and absorbing their perspectives enrich my understanding of evolving methodologies. Regular immersion in scholarly literature and research publications keeps me apprised of cutting-edge technologies. Moreover, embracing mentorship and fostering a culture of learning within my team ensures a continuous exchange of insights and experiences. In this swiftly evolving realm, the pursuit of knowledge is a lifelong dedication that fuels growth and innovation.


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