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Industrial Unit for Aerzen Machines India Pvt. Ltd, Manjusar, Gujarat

The Project is an Industrial Unit of Aerzen Machine India Pvt. Ltd. located in Manjusar, Gujarat. The plant is an assembly line for compressors. Being an all and all plant structure, the aspect that made the project unique was the Green Building certification by Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) – Green Factory Buildings rating Program.

Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) – Green Factory Buildings is the first rating program developed in India, exclusively for the industrial sector. It is based on accepted energy and environmental principles and strikes a balance between known established practices and emerging concepts. The system is designed to be comprehensive in scope, yet simple in operation. This rating system addresses the factory buildings and not the processes. It is applicable to all sectors of industry and all climatic zones of India.

After the project was completed, based on the design, the internal systems of the building and the project resource management, a rating of Silver was given to the plant.

The total plant area is 25000 sq. ft., with the shed dimension at 70 m x 30m in size. The internal shed structure is designed to accommodate and carry two 15MT EOT cranes in addition to various assembly line machines. The project was completed in a short span of 10 months including the design phase as well as the execution phase.

In terms of Architectural design, the project was critical only from the Green Building certification part. The overall elevation and layout plan of the facility is quite simple. However, the regulations pertaining to energy saving and green areas as well as raw materials, made the Architectural Layout finalization as well as Raw material finalization slightly challenging.

Structurally, the Shed houses cranes in two different directions, parallel to the plant length (throughout the length) and perpendicular to the plan length (along one side of the Shed). While it was easy to incorporate the Structural members of the Cranes parallel to the Plant length in design, there was a column that interfered with the structural members of the crane mounted perpendicular to the Plant length. To resolve this, the Structural column was removed and to compensate for the same; the jack beam arrangement was used in its place.

The IGBC Green Factory Buildings rating system addresses green features under the categories of site selection and planning, water conservation, energy conservation, materials conservation, indoor environmental quality and occupational health and innovation and design process.

The overall architectural and structural design of the project was done in such a way that the Green Building guidelines can adhere to the extent as much as possible. The outer structure of the plant is a pre-engineered building. In addition to the basic PEB design and civil design of the foundation and internal EOT support structures, the following elements were included in the design as well as were designed to cater to the Green Building guidelines:
Landscaping and green area of the facility were as per the Green building norms.
Systems of Water Usage monitoring, rainwater harvesting and water recycling were incorporated into the plumbing design.
Electrification was done in a way to minimize power consumption.
Overall material purchase and consumption were carefully planned so as to ivied wastage.
Scrap wastage was monitored and disposed of with care to ensure minimal damage to the environment.


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