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Chandigarh Rly Station’s Redevelopment Progresses Smoothly

The Chandigarh railway station, an iconic landmark, is undergoing a transformative redevelopment led by the Rail Land Development Authority (RLDA). This innovative pilot project aims to set new standards in railway infrastructure and is making smooth progress towards its completion deadline.

Implementing a modular design and prefabricated components inspired by global best practices, the project focuses on minimizing disruptions to railway operations. Significant achievements have been reported in various aspects of the Chandigarh Railway Station redevelopment.

The Panchkula side station building has reached 75% completion, with finished foundation work, framework, and ongoing plumbing and MEPF work. On the Chandigarh side, the station building is at 65% completion, with completed foundation and framework stages, and ongoing deck sheeting and slab casting.

Infrastructure enhancements, including the air concourse and foot-over bridges, are also advancing well. The air concourse’s foundation work is complete, and foot-over bridges, crucial for passenger convenience and safety, are progressing in foundation work and structural assembly.

Efforts to develop parking areas on both the Chandigarh and Panchkula sides are steadily progressing, with completion percentages of approximately 32% and 48%, respectively. Roof sheeting on platforms and platform refurbishment are underway, and sub-station work is reaching 90% completion on the Chandigarh side.

The holistic approach of the project involves expanding the total area from 13,720 sqm to 24,515 sqm, optimizing space utilization, and improving traffic flow with dedicated parking zones for various vehicles.


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