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Ahmedabad’s Ellis Bridge to Undergo Rs 26.78 Crore Restoration

The municipal authorities in Ahmedabad have approved a restoration project for the historic Ellis Bridge, a prominent landmark in the city that has stood for 130 years. The deteriorating condition of the bridge, built in 1892, prompted the decision to allocate Rs 26.78 crore for its revitalization. The proposal for the restoration was presented during the meeting of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation’s road and building committee.

Last November, the civic body had issued a tender to select an agency for the restoration project, estimating the cost at Rs 19.61 crore. However, the tender was awarded to a contractor at a 36.6% increased project cost. The iconic Ellis Bridge holds historical significance for the city, but its current state poses risks, with weakened and vulnerable portions.

A feasibility report, costing Rs 54 lakh, was previously commissioned to enhance the strength and aesthetics of the bridge. Following the consultant’s recommendations, the decision to float a tender for the renovation and restoration was made. The Ellis Bridge, initially connecting the western and eastern parts of Ahmedabad over the Sabarmati, was the city’s first bridge across the river. In 1997, two additional bridges were constructed on either side, and collectively, the structure was named Swami Vivekananda Bridge. Despite the name change, the local populace still refers to it as Ellis Bridge. The restoration project aims to strengthen the bridge’s core steel structure.


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