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This Multi utility project is situated at Bandra Kurla Complex on a large 75,000 m2 plot.

The highlights of this 8 million sq. ft. built-up area project are:

  • A State-of-the-Art Convention and Exhibition Centre (CEC)
  • Flexi Hall and Banquets
  • A world class theatre with a seating capacity of 2000 people
  • High End Retail,
  • Offices and Commercial establishments
  • Ultra-premium Residences

The project came in picture because of an absolute requirement of a dedicated space for a fully-fledged world class convention and exhibition centre in the country and to accomplish the requirement of international level theatre where the performances will get remarkable global recognition. To execute such dream project, there needed a vision, which is available with Mr. Mukesh Ambani, Chairman, Reliance Industries Ltd. The place selected for this iconic structure is in heart of the India’s business capital city, Mumbai.

The land for the project were made available in Mumbai’s commercial Hub, Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC). It has emerged as a premium business space for all sectors and government bodies. However, it lacks in space for entertainment, gathering of people, exhibition services.

Understanding the dearth of such essential requirements to compliment the business hub and stand out as a comprehensive solution for almost all futuristic demands of the society, the project has evolved as a real-life representation of things that we have imagined and wished to have.

The construction was put on Fast-track which reflected in the drawing delivery schedules. The CEC and the Theatre were both in Structural Steel and were always in the critical path of construction. Given the frantic pace of construction and the endless effort of the entire team, construction of entire project has been completed and the building has been inaugurated by Smt. Nita Ambani on 08th March 2019. The project is now named as “Jio World Centre Mumbai.”

Project’s Scope, Goals and Methodology used to accomplish the targets

The volumetric overview of the project is of prime importance. Following figures depict the quantum of massive work:

–           Construction area -8 million sq. ft.

–           Volume of Concrete –4,00,000 Cu.M.

–           Reinforcement Quantity – 63,000 M.T.

–           Structural steel Quantity – 32,000 M.T.

–           Depth of Basement – 5 Basements, 21 Mtr. Below Natural Ground level.

To complete the enormous volume of work in a stipulated time span of 5 years was a very special task. The foundation work started in year 2014.

Convention and Exhibition Centre (CEC)

The CEC starts from the ground floor and above up to level 07 above ground floor. Being, on a critical path, it was prudent that the super-structure of the CEC and the theatre would be constructed in Structural steel. Thus, target was to complete the CEC steel erection in a very short span of 12 months from the start of fabrication in workshop.

The design was concurrently initiated to produce good for construction drawings and finalizing the member sizes and put for procurement.

Super Structure: Lateral System

The Lateral system to resist the EQ forces for this structural steel building is designed as braced frames in both the directions. The locations of these braced frames were decided as per the structural requirements and in coordination with the Architecture

The ladder frame cores were taken up first on priority to enable erection of 70 meter. Long Mega truss such that roof activities are taken up simultaneously.

Super Structure: Construction and challenges

  • The CEC was planned in Structural Steel to avail advantages of planning a suitable structure to cater to large spans as well as to plan an appropriate Construction sequence to enable fast pace of construction.
  • This was possible by adopting ‘Ladder frame’ Construction.


The Structural Steel for the CEC and the Theatre combined was estimated at 32000 MT. It was a huge quantity to be procured, fabricated, and then erected at site and one of the toughest challenges of this fast-track project.

The Mega Trusses and the Composite columns required sections in E450 and E350 grade, which are not readily available in India. And the huge quantity and the demanding Project Schedule meant that the procurement had to take place simultaneously from multiple sources across Europe and Asia.

East / west Residences (Above CEC)

Residential buildings were placed above the CEC. Type of construction was in RCC for these buildings.

Commercial Spaces (SouthRetail)

The commercial floors are placed above level L07 on the south side of the project. The floor plate of the commercial area is majorly in PT slab with RCC wall core in central portion of the office areas.

Challenge was to accommodate the “Hill Road” Driveway below the office floors. Thus, the Columns in the office had to be transferred at 5th floor level into a single column.

Tree column was introduced to ensure and resolve issues in load transfer from upper columns.A strong team of 50 people including technical and on field engineers was conspicuously involved in development of this super special project. The team was well led and guided by Mr. Girish Dravid, Managing Director. The apt delivery of the required information beforehand delivers the project on time was always assured throughout the span of 4 years of rigorous and voluminous design coordination with the project team.

Concluding Remarks

As described, this project is going to be one of the biggest projects not only in terms of its construction volume and area coverage but also bigger in terms of revenue generation and help increasing job opportunities to many Indian people.

The Square, located opposite the Dhirubhai Ambani International School, is a part of the JIO World Centre, a world-class, multi-use facility, which provides the largest and best global convention facilities and services in India.

The Dhirubhai Ambani Square and the Jio World Centre will fulfil the vision of a great son of India, who believed that India has the potential to achieve global excellence in every area of nation-building.

The international convention centre will be the hub of all world class exhibitions at global levels. The use of advanced software technologies and digital advancement has helped this convention centre commission in a time span of 3 years. Though the initial investment was gigantic, the returns due to early completion of the convention centre will generate remarkable revenues in coming future.When the Jio World Centre opens, it will be a place where people will get together, to appreciate art, to exchange ideas, to celebrate culture, and to soak in the heritage and vibrancy of the great city, Mumbai.

(Contributed by Dinesh Bhaud, Structural Engineer, Sterling Engineering Consultancy Services)


Client: Reliance Industries Limited

Architect: TVS Design, Hafeez Contractor

Structural Consultants: MKA Associates, Sterling Engineering Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd

PMC & Lead Contractor: Samsung

Contractors: Eversendai (Steel Works), L&T (RCC)

Status: Completed


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