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Karnataka State Cricket Stadium, Alur, Bengaluru, Karnataka

Project Brief
The Karnataka State Cricket Stadium is an indoor practice stadium that was to be designed in a way to embody the spirit of youth and playfulness of young cricketers who would be practicing in the academy to become future cricketers for India. The clients wanted a compact yet efficiently planned large span, column-free space where the specially imported synthetic cricket pitches would be laid out in a naturally ventilated space without air conditioning. This indoor practice stadium also has physiotherapy and gym facilities and most importantly a coaching center where the young minds are molded to think strategically about improving their cricketing brains.

Initial Thought
We felt that the shape and colors of the structure should be bold, lively and playful to reflect the dynamism and futuristic outlook of young cricketers. The architecture had to be light and futuristic keeping in mind the impression it would leave on the fresh, young minds, unlike the utilitarian and boxy spaces that they have generally been using as practice areas. Bold and bright colors were decided upon to enhance the sense of youthfulness and exuberance.

Choice of Material
Only steel structures could give us the necessary fluidity of form, large span and speed of construction which were essential requirements of the project. A concrete building may not have been suitable to achieve the almost aerofoil sleekness of the intended structure. So, light and almost invisible structural members highlight the overall sculptural form and shape of the building, elevating the stadium from the commonness. Prefabrication has been used to ensure precision in construction while completing the building in a quick and speedy manner.

Architectural Features
As mentioned above, the playful, curved profile of the stadium and bright bold colors give the building its dynamism and youthfulness. Also, it is designed to allow natural light and ventilation into the main practice hall so that no artificial light or air-conditioning is required in the daytime. Additionally, the transparency of spaces allows the users to freely view one activity from the other, making it visually dynamic and lightweight.
Using simple geometry, curved roof trusses have been used which come down in a single shape to form tapered support columns, giving it a sculptured look and finish. Tubular steel trusses have been used that enabled us to make the large-span curved roof forms look very sleek and elegant. The various trusses also give a sense of rhythm and motion to the entire space when viewed from different angles. The outer tapered columns give a feeling that the entire aerofoil-like roof is anchored down preventing it from lifting off. The geometry of this structure adds to the sense of lightness and playfulness.

Software Used
Technical drawings were done on Autocad while the presentation models and views were generated on Sketch Up. Additionally, the structural analysis and sizing of members were done on STAAD PRO.

Starting from the designing of the structure to the complete execution, it took just 6 months to complete the project. The fabrication was done in the factory while the concrete foundations were completed in situ. The dry construction of this entire structure enabled us to achieve this limited deadline.

It indeed is possible to create visually vibrant yet structurally efficient structures with clever use of steel members such as tubes which are flexible and workable to create dynamic structures. The freedom that we got from the clients along with their clear brief helped us imagine and construct a unique and elegant structure that we hope will inspire many young and budding cricketers to train and excel in their sport.


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