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A Triumph in Modernisation

In a pursuit to address the surging demand in air travel, the Airport Authority of India embarked on the ambitious Phase II modernisation of Chennai Airport. With over 7,000 MT of high-strength steel delivered, JSP exemplifies a seamless collaboration in creating an aesthetically pleasing and functionally superior airport infrastructure.

In a visionary move to meet the surging demand in air travel, the Airport Authority of India undertook the ambitious project of modernising Chennai Airport, Phase II. With the aim of accommodating the growing number of planes and passengers, the project was a pivotal step towards the broader goal of having 230-240 airports in India by 2030.

The Modernisation of Chennai Airport, Phase II, proudly stands completed, showcasing a seamless collaboration between the client, PMC, contractor, and steel fabricator.

Steel’s Vital Role
Steel, a fundamental structural material, played a crucial role in the project’s success. JSP, the steel supplier, delivered over 7,000 MT of high-strength steel (E350 grade). This not only reduced product thickness but also provided exceptional strength, toughness at low temperatures, and excellent weldability. Aesthetic considerations were paramount for the client, and JSP met this challenge by supplying aesthetically pleasing rolled sections, meeting and exceeding client satisfaction.

Steel innovation
JSP stands at the forefront of innovation, exemplified by its pioneering production of Square Hollow Sections (SHS) and Rectangular Hollow Sections (RHS), which have now become integral components in airport projects. The versatility of JSP’s rolled sections is evident through a diverse array of beams and columns, ranging in grades and depths from 150 to 900.

Offering a unique advantage, JSP ensures a customised length supply with a reduced lead time, particularly beneficial for large structures. Not only does this approach prove cost-effective and recyclable, fostering sustainable construction practices, but it also boasts wear resistance. This quality facilitates the creation of expansive, open spaces without the need for excessive support columns, thereby maximising flexibility in material handling.

The company’s commitment extends to enabling quick and efficient modifications to steel structures, minimising downtime and enhancing operational efficiency. Moreover, the extended lifespan of JSP’s rolled sections, coupled with their resistance to pests and protection against long-term structural damage, underscores their superiority over alternative materials in reducing the need for frequent repairs and replacements.

The modernisation of Chennai Airport, Phase II, serves as a testament to the collaborative efforts of all stakeholders involved. With steel playing a pivotal role, particularly through JSP’s innovative solutions, the project stands as a beacon of success in the pursuit of efficient, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing airport infrastructure.


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