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The Rise of the Golden Bird

This special section covers an out-of-the-box design with steel as an essential element of the design. The main aim of this section is to showcase how steel can be innovatively used in today’s world of architecture.

Here’s Ar Bhupendra Kumar, Founder, Aeiforia Architects unveiling their out-of-the-box design, that ought to turn the tables in the future…

India is always known for its contribution in all possible fields whether it’s economy, culture, science, mathematics, or space. This rich pure and powerful character of INDIA is the thought and soul of the sculpture to be known as, “THE RISE OF GOLDEN BIRD”. The left part of the structure depicts the ancient INDIA, and the right part of the structure depicts the modern and rising INDIA.


The feathers shall only be having a symbol, well embossed within its curve. This symbol is to be supplemented with a QR code. Scanning the QR code shall lead the visitor to the web page, defining the accomplishment with all due facts and figures. Hence shall keep the engagement of visitors.

The placement of feathers is done in such a way that not only provides interesting facts about India to the visitors but also protects them from the sun and rains. The feathers are marked in the shape of a lotus leaf, that’s the symbol adopted by all religions and is the metaphor for equality in India.

Rings and Feathers

  • The sparkling chrome skeleton of the bird is complemented with golden feathers.
  • Feathers are modular in nature.
  • Each feather marks one different contribution of India to the world.
  • Feathers on the Left-wing define glorious history, whereas right-wing feathers are showcasing modern contributions.
  • Part Space is filled with a generalised designer feather to be replaced with future achievements.
  • The central vista is having a single golden feather that displays the most recent win.

Sun Dial

It’s complemented with a sundial symbolising time in front of the beak of the sculpture.

Shadow Analysis

The structure is oriented North-South, to add a play of sun and shade, symbolising growth with the time.

The structure has a low footprint, and it covers 7 per cent of the site rest is the green landscape for infiltration of water and carbon sinks

Zero Energy Structure

The sculpture will be lit by solar-powered yellow lights (color temp 3000K), to sing its golden saga.

Why Steel

This sculpture poses a counter-question to answer this question, why Sone ki chiriya?

Sona” means, gold, that money, and in turn economy. The steel industry has played a very significant role in the rise of the Indian economy, whether it’s the golden past or the shining present. Steel is ahead of most of the other products. The reports from PWC show very encouraging growth in the steel industry.


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