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Blossoming Creativity

Hyacinth is a unique cluster of exhibition halls designed by the creative team at Space Studio Chennai. It offers a fresh and enchanting experience in the realm of steel and metal architecture.

Inspired by the ‘flower of life’ pattern, which symbolises the interconnectedness of all things, Hyacinth features a series of precast steel florets connected by tubular steel profiles. This design creates a captivating interplay of light and shadow. These florets are linked by shaded walkways, and above them, there are walkable roofs deliberately designed to foster a sense of grounding and connection to nature.

The Entryway
The entrance to Hyacinth boasts a distinctive parabolic arch constructed with a steel framework and tubular modules. Leading to the exhibition spaces is a lush green walkway. This entrance is not only inviting but also exudes a playful and whimsical charm. Its design, reminiscent of a lady’s hat with flaps that provide shade from the sun, extends on both sides of the counter area. It forms a graceful curve, resembling a sweeping wave, and an infinity loop, and serves as an inviting expression of design for the entrance.

The Exhibition Halls
The exhibition halls feature circular floor plans, creating a seamless and harmonious flow within the space. The team elaborates that the choice of circular shapes symbolises wholeness and unity, fostering a holistic atmosphere that minimises conflicts among occupants while enhancing creativity. This design not only optimises functionality but also opens up numerous aesthetic possibilities.

In terms of the layout, there is a single access point for entering and exiting the exhibits, delineated by an organic bamboo planter box. Visitors enter, embark on a complete circuit to experience all the exhibits, and then exit to proceed to the next hall. These halls vary in size to accommodate different displays. Transitioning from one hall to another is facilitated by a covered walkway featuring a walkable rooftop supported by a metal framework. This design ensures a continuous and sheltered journey through the exhibition spaces, enhancing the overall visitor experience.

The Flower of Life
The ‘flower of life’ pattern, characterised by the overlap of circles, is not only visually engrossing but also infinite in its nature. In the design, Space Studio has introduced a captivating variation by modifying the sizes of modular metal units within a series of concentric circles on the floor plan. This innovative approach results in a distinctive and intriguing composition for the overall form of the structure.

The Coding
Coding plays a pivotal role in expediting the exploration of design possibilities within an efficiently managed timeframe. The concept behind Hyacinth aims to challenge the notion that metal buildings are merely utilitarian boxes. Instead, it proposes that metal structures can be truly mesmerising while maintaining the utmost functional efficiency in terms of internal layout planning. The studio shares that this vision showcases the potential of metal construction, transforming it into an art form that transcends conventional expectations, setting a new standard for architectural excellence.

The interplay of light and shade
The design of Hyacinth is meticulously crafted to capture the interplay of natural light and shade during the day, while also creating a mesmerising reflection of artificial lights at night. The desired effect is akin to the shimmering dance of sunlight upon the water, creating a dynamic and enchanting visual experience.

“Creating buildings that are extraordinary is quite the normative mandate here at the studio. I expect excellence in design from the team and they deliver it every single time; most importantly, we have the utmost fun in the form-finding process.”
– Shashi Rekha, Chief Architect, Space Studio Chennai


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