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Shipping Container Apartment, Denmark

30 apartments in 48 containers to transform the Danish neighborhood of Musicon, adjacent to the famous Roskilde Festival area. Designed by Arkitema Architects and constructed by Container living in an effort to create more sustainable architecture, recycling material has become increasingly popular. Shipping containers are at the forefront of the sustainable revolution. In addition to being eco-friendly, containers have that industrial, yet creative, aesthetic; which is exactly the look Roskilde, Denmark needs to transform their previously industrial neighborhood into an avant-garde community.

Beat Box is a fun and challenging project. The Design team is working within the very specific and set shapes of the container but are still able to transform them into something different and new. By preserving every container exterior appearance, and placing them on the concrete base and the significant steel structures, are providing Musicon with a whole new and authentic residential building. These apartments will match the simple and rough appearance of the area perfectly. The concrete ground floor will be met with panoramic windows, connecting the historic neighborhood to its new residents. The containers will sit in a steel frame that extends up from the concrete base. Most containers will be assembled in pairs to create either one 60 square meter apartment or two 30 square meter apartments while 90 square meter apartments will also be available. While shipping containers have some dimensional restraints, they offer many opportunities.

The rugged exterior will remain, and the interior will be finished. Construction will be quick and easy – with the added ability to move the apartments later in their lifespan. Three blocks of apartments will be constructed in a half circle shape, with their facades facing the two central most streets of Musicon. All containers were inspected to make certain they meet housing requirements. Residents of shipping container apartments will have everything you would expect any normal apartment to have. Apartments will have doors, windows, and even balconies to bring light into the living space. A rear stairwell will lead residents from their indoor living space to community outdoor grilling facilities and bike parking.

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