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Pick Tea, Bảo Lộc, Vietnam

Pick tea is a small milk tea shop in the city of Bao Loc, Vietnam. As a famous place with famous tea brands in the country, the milk tea business model is also popular here. The shop was built on an empty lot, with the purpose of being compact and easy to dismantle to convert its purpose. The iron frame generation is specially constructed with joints linked by rotating shackles to easily increase and decrease the height and aperture but still ensure a sustainable construction.

The door system is woven with a layer of cables combined with pine wood still creating safety, certainty, and attraction, combined with the wheel below that the entire door system can swing open and change angle easily. The iron frame system is interwoven but still maintains a stable structure to raise the removable roof system above to ensure protection from rain and sun or to open it up to see the sky.


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