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PWD Seeks Bids for Galvanised Steel Truss Bridge in Mizoram

In a recent development, the Public Works Department (PWD) has initiated a tender for the construction of a Galvanised Steel Concrete Truss Bridge over the Borapansuri River in Mizoram. The project is open for bidding and is expected to contribute significantly to the region’s infrastructure. Under the purview of the Public Works Department, the construction involves the galvanised steel concrete truss bridge over Borapansuri River at Chawngte, Mizoram. The estimated cost for the project is INR 6.87 Crores, with an Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) of INR 13.75 Lacs.

The deadline for submission is set for 08-02-2024, and the opening date is scheduled for 09-02-2024.

This infrastructure project is poised to enhance connectivity in the region and facilitate smoother transportation across the Borapansuri River. Interested parties are invited to participate and contribute to the development of vital infrastructure in Mizoram.

Once completed, the Galvanised Steel Concrete Truss Bridge is expected to play a crucial role in improving overall infrastructure and connectivity in the Chawngte region of Mizoram, reflecting the state’s commitment to progress and development.


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