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IIT Bombay Scientists Develop Carbon Capture Technology to Revolutionize Steel Industry

Scientists at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay have achieved a significant breakthrough in the journey towards India’s net-zero emissions goal by 2070. The Department of Science & Technology-backed National Centre of Excellence in Carbon Capture and Utilisation (NCoE-CCU) at IIT Bombay has successfully developed a novel carbon dioxide capture technology.

This groundbreaking technology, which has been patented, facilitates the conversion of carbon dioxide to carbon monoxide using electrocatalytic conditions at ambient temperatures. Unlike traditional methods that require high temperatures and hydrogen, this innovation operates at significantly lower temperatures, typically ranging from 25-40°C. Furthermore, it can potentially utilize energy from renewable sources such as solar or wind power, thereby maintaining a carbon-neutral footprint.

The project, led by Arnab Dutta and Vikram Vishal, along with their team, has not only caught the attention of the scientific community but has also been recognized for publication in the prestigious scientific journal, Nature Communications.

This development is particularly poised to revolutionize the steel industry’s approach to carbon capture, offering a sustainable and more energy-efficient alternative. The new technology holds the potential to contribute to a circular economy within the steel manufacturing sector, effectively reducing the carbon footprint and production costs.

The process is currently in the scaling-up phase, thanks to the efforts of UrjanovaC Private Limited, a startup incubated at IIT Bombay. This marks a significant step towards practical implementation and commercialization of the technology.

In addition to the CO2 to CO conversion technology, NCoE-CCU has also developed a method for converting CO2 to calcium carbonate. This technology has been licensed to UrjanovaC, signifying a crucial milestone in greenhouse gas mitigation and the promotion of sustainable industrial practices.

The innovative carbon capture technologies developed at IIT Bombay represent a significant stride towards India’s ambitious environmental targets and offer a promising solution for reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainability in various industries.


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