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Andhra Pradesh CM Unveils Ambitious Renewable Energy Projects

With the intention of bolstering the state’s position in the renewable energy sector, Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy is slated to inaugurate a series of renewable energy projects in Nandyal district.

Among the projects set for commencement is a substantial 2,300 MW solar power project in Junuthala, alongside solar and wind power initiatives in Kandikayapalle with capacities of 700 MW and 314 MW, respectively. Additional projects are in the pipeline, including a combined 1,000 MW solar and 1,000 MW wind power venture in Muddavaram. Impressively, all these undertakings are concentrated within the Nandyal district, contributing to an estimated total power generation of 5,315 MW.

This marks the state’s ascent in the renewable energy landscape, marked by substantial investments in the sector. The Chief Minister’s stance aims to establish the state as a renewable energy frontrunner by initiating extensive power projects, aligning with the vision of ensuring 24×7 power supply at global standards.

Meanwhile, AP Genco’s Managing Director and AP Transco’s Joint Managing Director, KVN Chakradhar Babu, shared plans to forge an MoU with the National Hydro Power Corporation (NHPC) to advance Pumped Storage Power Projects. The Chief Minister’s proactive approach, demonstrated during the Global Investor Summit, aims to fulfill commitments in carbon emission reduction. As a result, the AP Genco board officially approved the execution of an MoU with NHPC Ltd for pumped storage projects. NHPC’s preliminary agreement involves collaboration on new Pumped Storage and Renewable Energy projects in Andhra Pradesh, operating through a 50:50 share pattern in a Joint Venture Company.

Chakradhar Babu emphasised the MoU’s advantages, including resource optimization, risk sharing, expedited project execution, and access to NHPC’s expertise. Ultimately, these endeavors underscore the state government’s commitment to fortify the energy sector, propelling the state’s transformation into an economic and industrial hub.


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