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A residential Tower of Phoenix at Nigeria

A 27-storey residential Tower of Phoenix is to be constructed at Eko Atlantic a new coastal city that is being built on Victoria Island adjacent to Lagos city of Nigeria. On 3.442 sq metre area. The flats begin from level six to 25 with six flats on each floor. It is one of a kind flay in the coastal city with modern facilities and top-class finishes which is beautifully designed. The structure also includes two floors of penthouse villas, and amenities such as a swimming pool with adequate sitting area, a spa, a gym, and kids play area, a lounge, and a multi-purpose hall, amongst others. Arkland Properties along with its investment partner Providus Bank (PBL) to develop the project. The other project team include Arkland Structures, Yasnas Engineering, SigmaSpec Electromechanical, Richard Eid, Otce/Vilner, and ITB Nigeria.


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