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One East Side, Birmingham

After the city council granted permission to the planning commission, Midlands, Birmingham is set for its first residential skyscraper- One Eastside. With a whopping budget of 160 million pounds, the One East Side will have one 51 storeys tower and one 15 storeys building. This skyscraper will house 667 residential apartments of one- and two-bedroom apartments. Every apartment will have access to excellent communal features like flexible working and meeting arena, a sky lounge with dining and bar area as well as a terrace with gym and cinema.

One Eastside has been designed by architect Glancy Nicholls. According to Developer Court Collaboration, the project should be complete by 2022. The future skyscraper will stand at a height of 525ft (160m), overshadowing the city’s current tallest structure, BT Tower. This residential building will be close to the new HS2 station on Curzon Street which is due to open in 2026 as a part of the planned HS2 rail network running between London and Birmingham.

Anthony McCourt from Developers Court Collaboration stated in one of his interviews on the project that One Eastside is a hugely exciting addition to Birmingham’s skyline. It sat adjacent to the new Curzon Street HS2 front door, it will help form a new and confident-looking city and region for those that use the rail line and come to Birmingham.

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