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The Hole with the House Around, Italy

ElasticoFarm, an innovative architecture studio, has crafted an elevated residence within the lush canopy of a private park in Cambiano, a town to the southeast of Turin in northern Italy. Named ‘The Hole with the House Around,’ this distinctive dwelling stands as an independent new structure adjacent to an existing 1970s house, conceived as the new home for a young chef. ElasticoFarm’s intervention involved the removal of the existing roof to create a terrace, upon which the new building now gracefully rests.

The architectural composition of ‘The Hole with the House Around’ is a blend of corrugated aluminium-clad volumes, suspended on metal stilts reminiscent of orange trees, and featuring a central void as its focal point. This void serves as the nucleus around which the entire architectural concept finds equilibrium. Shaded by the enveloping trees, the house exudes the essence of a modern treehouse, with its primary structure elevated above the ground to provide a panoramic view of the Alps.

A prefabricated galvanised steel framework forms the basis of the home, supported by orange metal pillars. This design approach minimises the reliance on the original concrete structure of the villa beneath. Access to the house is integrated with the park, featuring a suspended open metal staircase that leads up to the elevated residence.

Internally, the house is organised around the central void, connecting all internal spaces through a continuous network of ramps and gentle stairs and allowing for an abundance of natural light.

Upon entering, a staircase leads to an open-plan living area, with a raised kitchen nestled in the northeast corner. This strategic placement enables the owner to oversee the entire home while maintaining a visual connection to the rooftop terrace outdoors.

The interior design boasts a verdant colour palette that mirrors the outside. Walls and ceilings are adorned with varying shades of green, creating a tranquil and immersive environment. One of the interior highlights is a bespoke piece of mirrored joinery, concealing a television in the living area and providing an elegant enclosure for the space.


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