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Nine Bridges, South Korea

The Pergola of The Golf Club at NINE BRIDGES is a structure built on a location that honours an old sacred tree. The Chinese hackberry, which stood for roughly 600 years, before, the present golf course was constructed, unconsciously instated a place of animism. The pergola rearranges the site in accordance with the orientation of an aged tree, and, finds its project motifs in natural algorithms. Inspired by the essential structures of natural algorithms, a ‘dual-duct system’ has been devised that integrates both the structure and the facility.

The inner duct is used for ventilation and wrapped with a 12mm thick steel frame to form the overall structure. The two ducts are covered with highly dense insulating material in between, to prevent dew condensation from indoor-outdoor temperature difference, when, operating cooling and heating systems. To control this organic form finished with double curved surfaces, 6 main structures and 19 substructures were used.

About, 160 atypical, semi-tempered pair panes of glasses, were placed on the structure and roughly 280 curved panes of glasses were applied on the flank. The 440 glass panes of differing sizes were manufactured in a factory in China, and, assembled onto a locally manufactured structure. The inner structure produced at a factory near Seoul was disassembled into 80 pieces and shipped to Jeju Island for reassembly. The structure was mainly divided into six strands, had a ventilation duct installed, with 48 duct pipes to respond to the outside air temperature, and, to maintain a consistent indoor temperature.

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