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Container Office, Mexico

In a constantly evolving world, where sustainability and innovation are crucial aspects in the construction and design of spaces, a project emerges that exceptionally combines both concepts. It involves offices built from six recycled shipping containers as a structural base, an initiative that demonstrates the possibility of creating innovative, functional, and environmentally friendly spaces.

The project originated from the client’s requirement for flexible offices that could be disassembled and relocated if necessary. Housed within a warehouse, insulation concerns were alleviated, leading to cost savings in both structure and slabs.

On the ground floor, six 20 ft shipping containers were employed, forming 6 x 5 m spaces ideal for office areas. Interconnected by main corridors, three modules were tailored to meet the company’s specific needs. Covering 350 sq m within a
1100 sq m warehouse, the offices required careful consideration of light and temperature control.

An outstanding feature of the project is the meticulous optimisation of materials. Cutouts from the containers were repurposed for constructing mezzanines and internal partitions, contributing to the project’s identity and sustainability.
The seamless integration of elements like
doors, dividing walls, and ceilings creates a
unified appearance, concealing the individual container origins.

The use of containers and recycled materials not only reduced costs and construction time but also minimised the environmental footprint. The project exemplifies an industrialised and modular approach with innovative design, functionality, and high architectural quality, all while contributing to environmental conservation.

Recycled, reused, and non-polluting materials include reused shipping containers for structure, recycled steel for both structure and furniture, repurposed container cuts for partitions, and the incorporation of double-glazed windows with air chambers for effective thermal insulation.


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