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Olympic Gymnastics Arena, Korea


The renovation of 1988 Olympic Gymnastics Arena is a National competition wining project. As one of Korea’s most prominent cultural performance venues, the building’s architecture, and its location within the Olympic Park, has a significant cultural importance, as well as representing the legacy of the 1988 Seoul Games an important event in modern Korean history. The site is situated within one of the city’s largest public parks, accessible to a wide range of visitors. The arena is being renovated with the intent to establish a new identity for the building, while preserving its historical significance. The design minimizes construction by reusing a majority of the existing structure. The circular gallery surrounding the outer edge of the building has been expanded to accommodate a wider range of retail and event-related programs, and prepare the facility for any future expansion. Much of the renovation is focused on the roof structure, which has been replaced with a dynamic truss system that references the form of a Tornado. The arena not only holds historic significance with its role in the 1988 Olympics, but, is also ‘the premiere cultural performance venue of Korea,’ with its location inside one of the largest man-made public parks in Korea. The redesign of the Olympic Arena was developed with the goal of establishing a new programmatic identity while preserving the historical and symbolic significance of the existing structure and façade as much as possible. The project will utilize the majority of the existing structure, but will expand the circular hall surrounding the edge of the building, to accommodate a wider range of retail and other event-related programs, as well as preparing it for any possible future expansions.


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