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Marquette Residence, Montreal


This Montreal residential building by local studio Naturehumaine features a simple brick facade punctuated with square windows and a rear parking area topped by a steel canopy. Called the Marquette Residence, the multi-family building is located in central Montreal’s Rosemont-Petite-Patrie district and faces a busy commercial street. The 7,200-square-foot (670-square-metre) project consists of six units, each with two levels and private access. The units range from 1,100 to 1,300 square feet (100 to 120 square metres). The building is “characterised by its simple volume as per Naturehumaine – a Montreal studio founded by Stéphane Rasselet and Marc-André Plasse, known for its Modernist buildings and interiors. The front of the rectangular building features a stripped-down brick facade, with square windows that are framed with copper-coloured aluminum.

Other examples of Naturehumaine’s work in its home city include anangular zinc-clad addition to a historic dwelling and a home renovated to include a gymnastics apparatus. A small stair with black metal banisters leads to each unit’s entrance, which is raised five feet (1.5 metres) off the ground. The first level is elevated in order to bring natural light into below-grade areas. The architects wanted to give as much light to the basement level as possible by incorporating windows on the front and back facades. The rear facade is more diversified, with grey and brown siding and glass windows and doors that overlook a small parking area. A linear canopy made of galvanised steel, expanded metal and wood covers the parking spaces. Patches of grass sprout up through porous paving, an element that was required by the city.

Parking spots had to be paved with porous materials said the firm. It allows for water drainage, and adds vegetation to the backyard. Metal-grate walkways with glass walls connect the upper-level apartments to the canopy. Tenants access the parking area via a single switchback stair. Inside, the compact apartments have a “simple and sober” atmosphere, with open-concept floor plans and light-filled spaces. The lower flats have three bedrooms, while the upper ones have two Finishes include walnut flooring and marble bathroom tiles. Staircases are fashioned from metal and wood, and kitchens feature walnut and white laminate surfaces.


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