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M2 Art Centre, Hang Zhou, China

The Origin of M2 – M2 Art Centre is a multifunctional art space located in Hangzhou, which originated from a wedding dress showroom. The initial function setting of the space triggered a reflection on women and their choices in marriage and relationships: Marriage is no longer a default option for everyone in contemporary society but rather a rational choice for individuals to grasp their own lives. Therefore, can a contemporary commercial exhibition space be expanded into a mind-body journey with some psychic touch, providing an opportunity for introspection and contemplation of life before the wedding moment.

The site of M2 is located on the plinth of a high-rise office building, and the original space was a gym space with a swimming pool. The spatial sequence of the site begins at the square elevator hall on one side of the main space, followed by the more than 40-meter-long strip-shaped main space, with the floor partially sinking about 1.5 meters and the end being a 10-meter-high space.

here are two aspects of design techniques explored in the M2 Art Centre project: 1) how to use spatial geometry to convey emotions and create feelings, and 2) how to use materials and techniques to realize the design. In terms of the first aspect, the architect explores the potentials of space and establishes four different geometric languages: flat geometry, regular surfaces, free-form surfaces, and symmetrical free-form surfaces. These correspond to the cocoon (the cradle when people leave their homes), classical temples (human wisdom and rationality), nature (essentially the humanization of nature, including an understanding of chaos), and divinity (absolute grandeur), respectively. In terms of the second aspect, the GRG and GRP shaping techniques meet the possibilities of all curved surfaces, and the use of white marble echoes classical architecture, while the extensive use of light films brings an endless sense of space. A connection between geometry and emotion was established through geometric manipulation, which originates from our deep collective memory as humans and goes beyond the original narrative, becoming our intuitive response to the space.

M2 Art Centre is a place with unique spiritual characteristics and rich symbolic meanings. Through metaphorical spatial narrative and the use of different categories of geometric forms under the control of superb geometric mastery, the space is endowed with ambiguous and multiple meanings, with many metaphors and references hidden in the pure geometric forms. The result is a space that offers a concentrated and profound spiritual experience and provides Hangzhou with a platform for various new ideas, aesthetics, and arts to be communicated and promoted.


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