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Cold Storage, Jammu

Project Brief
The Cold Storage in Jammu has a built-up area of 56,660 sq. ft. and has a capacity of 500kg/sq. m. It has a width module of 31 meters and a mezzanine of approximatelyimately 8770 sq. m. The shed has been designed as per IS800, IS 875 and IS1893 using structural steel tubes. The structural design has been drawn using STAAD-Pro Connect.

The objective of this study is to reduce the project cost and execution time:
Studies were done with both conventional steel building and structural tube building and it was found that in conventional steel, steel tonnage is 63.4kg/sq. m i.e., 385 MT while in structural steel tube, we are able to achieve 52.84kg/sq. m i.e., 321 MT which in turn leads to approximately 20 percent saving in structural steel quantity.
In conventional steel buildings, steel columns need to get encased with concrete/gypsum board to keep the shed area dust-free, germs-free and bacteria-free and to give an aesthetically pleasing appearance. In the case of structure tubes, such encasing is not required since it already has a packed area around the column, the column corners as well as the tubular columns so dust, germs and bacteria do not have space to survive. It also makes way for a higher carpet area, thus, reducing finishing work and the set cost can be achieved easily without exceeding.
Studies also show that the wastage of steel in conventional steel buildings is approximately 5-6 percent while in structural tube buildings, it ranges within 1-2 percent at the most.
Structural tubes are supplied in cut-to-length sizes leading to faster fabrication at lower cost while in conventional steel much more fabrication work is required.

After working on the design intensely and considering all fabrication and erection concerns, the conclusion drawn was that the main steel weight can be reduced by 17-20 percent and savings of 10-12 percent can be done in overall project cost with structural steel tubes.


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