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Malur Logistics & Industrial Parks Pvt Ltd

The structure is a PEB Structure with Mezzanine. In this project there are two similar building each building has 4 blocks therefore total 8 blocks are there, out of 8 blocks 6 blocks has been done on site.

Sanghvi & Associates Consultants Pvt Ltd (SACPL) were responsible for structural & RCC analysis, concept and final design, issue of construction drawings along with project co-ordination. Also responsible in checking the PEB Design file and GA drawings thereby giving the relevant comments, in case needed & approving it.

Structural Aspects

The main structure was PEB Structure with Mezzanine. In this project there are two similar building each building has 4 blocks therefore total 8 blocks are there, out of 8 blocks 6 blocks has been done on site. The total height of the structure was 10.50m below eaves from FFL whereas the maximum height at the ridge is 13.70m from FFL. The structure is having maximum size 360m in length and 90m in width with 5.0m wide canopy along the length.

Building rafters & periphery columns are at 9.0m spacing and internal column spacing was 18.0m. Jack beams are connected with internal column which are supporting rafters and it has 18.0m span. Structure has 3 masonry (200thk AAC block used) fire wall at every 90m spacing to divide building in various blocks as mentioned above and its maximum height is 14.7m from FFL (1.0m projecting above roof top) & 91.0m wide. Firewalls are supported by RCC column & beam frame.



The main challenge was to design 14.7m high unsupported fire wall for optimum design, because here major concern was to control deflection. To control defection, column is spaced between 5.0m to 6.0m and provided horizontal tie beams at every 3.35m height. It was a specific client requirement to optimize the design to make it more economical, which is always a challenge.

This steel building is surrounded by Admin & utility building which are RCC building so, here challenge was to develop watertight connection between these building and this was achieved by proper lapping of wall sheeting over RCC parapet wall.

Substructure of the building has various founding level, it is varying from 2.0m to 9.0m filling therefor, here we have designed the column & footing as per there actual site excavation height and this was tedious work for us.


Salient Features

The various salient features of this Project can be listed as follows:

  • 7M high unsupported fire wall
  • Watertight connection between fire wall & Roof/wall sheeting
  • 0m Wide unsupported cantilever canopy
  • Optimizing structural tonnage by coordinating with PEB vendor


“Kirby India is involved in design, fabrication, supply and construction of 2 nos of Warehouse buildings having total tonnage of over 2,500 MT spread over a built-up area of approximately 56,000 square meters. The buildings consist of 100% leak proof Kirby Standing Seam Roofing System (KSS-600) with standard accessories such as skylights and ridge ventilators on the roof sheeting. These buildings are aesthetically appealing with glazing in between the wall cladding across all the four sides. One Warehouse building is currently occupied by Decathlon – France based largest sporting goods retailer in the world.

Kirby is privileged to get associated with All Cargo Logistics for whom we have executed projects in Haryana, Maharashtra, Telangana, Karnataka, etc. totaling to more than 180,000 square meters of built-up area.”

P V Mohan, Director-Commercial, Kirby Building Systems & Structures India Pvt Ltd



Design & Built Contractor : Conserve Buildcon LLP

Architect: Conserve Buildcon LLP

Structural consultants: Shanghvi & Associates Consultants Pvt. LTD(SACPL)

PEB Vendor: Kirby(Under Conserve Buildcon LLP)


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