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HORIZON… along the way

India’s one of the largest integrated one-stop production shops for air-conditioners and its components for consumers builds its first-ever two-story office and production area in two phases spread across six months. A HORIZON has a built-up area of three lac sq. ft. with an exclusive R&D wing under the un-parallel design reign of Ar. Prashant Deshmukh.

The office building opens to an expansive production area where the lineage of PEB columns and monitor roof catches the eye.Site has been designed with exclusive entries and exits each for vehicular and pedestrian movement leading to the giant expanse.

Exquisite marriage between steel and concrete is a classic example owned by Amber Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. Chairman Mr. Jasbir Singh which was aimed to achieve sustainable & energy-efficient systems that provide a work environment that is Artificial intelligence controlled which has low carbon footprint. The aim was to create space that was aesthetically pleasing, and maintenance-free led towards steel building technology.


Design Intent

The brief was to design one of the most expansive industry in Supa Ahmednagar District, an area which can cater one-stop production shop for air-conditioners and its components for consumers for Amber Enterprises Pvt. ltd. an industry that can cater to the developing needs of the nation and globe.

The most crucial part was understanding the process flow and technical requirements for their process of manufacture with two cranes weighing 20 and 7.5tonnes respectively. The office consisted of an exclusively designed space for research and development along with secluded cabins for various department heads along with discussion rooms and a large conference room adding to the arena.


Thought Process

The initial thought process was to apply basic principles of design and do justice to the grandeur of amber enterprises and make their production activities and functional requirements fall in place by the virtue of design occupying maximum available space according to rules and regulations of MIDC.

Moreover, the construction was executed in two phases, Phase 1 consisted of a Press shop and Paint shop and also a Mezzanine having an area of 3975 sqm. in the centre of the production hall with a loading of500kg/metre square, and the second phase was the production comprising of the assembly line, moulding area crane movement and office block of two-storey with an exclusive research development wing.

The merger of 2 phases was thought initially and construction activities began parallelly the complex was designed in such a way that 2 phases fused together and come along to be one as an entity. Spanning across 132.5 meters by 175 meters in complete totality.


Steel Used

When it comes to steel, the sheer speed of delivery and timely construction is the key. Pre-engineered technology is qualitative and quantitative in every aspect of building construction. The architect was sure to fulfil the client’s wishes in terms of longevity and veracity and sustainability in every aspect in the run of the project.

PEB was a quick solution to our design and happened to be our USP for the project. Another dream was to achieve a span of 132.5 m by 175 only came true when using steel and this dream was made possible in a remarkable time of 6 months with each. Sleek and slender steel columns under PEB helped to achieve this remarkable span, which was exquisite and fabulous within itself, due to which the structure seemed delicate but enduring and at the same time


Architectural Features

Architectural features involved were to adapt and upgrade with a vision to embody the latest trends and innovations that suited to the fast-evolving pace of Amber Enterprises led by Mr. Harminder Singh and his very talented associates.

A marriage between various materials was the aim that made detailing the most crucial part of the building and there evolved the elevation of the entire industrial complex.

For example, glass and louvres were an integral part of the office building merged with polycarbonate allowing maximum sunlight to enter the building, hence maintaining the good proportion of light and ventilation within the building which added to the beauty of the structure and made the office and production seem and act as one entity. Roof insulation to protect & maintain the temperature & environment inside the production, Fiberglass wool insulation WMP 50(of make UPTwiga) of 24kg/cum density and 50mm thick from Saint Gobain was used.



Pure geometry is followed in plan as well as theelevations and sections of the office  building  exposes a true  relationship between various  shapes  which come together as one and formed  a specular visual treat by itself.


Software & Detailing

For designing 2Ddevelopment software’s such as Autodesk, ZWCAD and for 3D modellingGoogle Sketch -up and Lumion were used.

Software’s such as STAAD. Pro V8i ,ETABSwere used for structural detailing part of the building.

Software’s such as Ecotectwas used to analyse the sun path and shading months through the year MCB and Tekla for designing PEB structures were used as well.



Designing of this project was a challenge in every way right from the first line sketched to the last column erected, it was a complete challenge that was undertaken and hoped to deliver timely to its best.

One of the major challenges was to do justice to such a grand site with an overall area amounting to three lac square feet. The solid aim was to use each inch of the site and design it relentlessly to its absolute end to its best amounting to enormous detailing but at the same time to keep it economical and not get overboard with it and maintain a systematic progression of rhythm.


“A HORIZON…along the way was designed with a built-up area of three lac sq. ft. with an exclusive R&D wing under the unparalleled design reign of Ar. Prashant Deshmukh. The office building opens up to an expansive production area where the lineage of PEB columns and monitor roof catches the eye. Exquisite marriage between steel and concrete is a classic example, which is aimed to achieve Sustainable & energy-efficient systems that provide a work environment that is Artificial Intelligence controlled which has a low carbon footprint. I have integrated the various shades of design none like the other the elevation is more expansive than overwhelming which adds to the grandeur that pulls attention in from very visitor which by virtue serves as a conversation starter between their clients”

Prashant Deshmukh, Principal Architect, Prashant Deshmukh & Associates


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