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The Mehsana Urban Cooperative Bank, Gujarat

The intention was to have a dignified corporate banking and sort of the landmark of area. The architects had designed head office building 25 years ago. As they were aware of their approach and design capability, they had provided the team detailed requirements of all departments, general staff and other amenities like auditorium, trading areas and a luxurious lounge for the corporate clients.

Design Concept
The designing concept was done with basic rules of simplicity, neat and clean structure, and a beautiful form to provide a dignified environment, impact, and smooth working condition. Keeping exposed concrete for exterior façade of structural and non-structural members. Providing aluminum screen wall on the front and rear side of the building to reduce heat and omit glare by the way of using daylight and keeping privacy from the roadside area to the building activities.

A suitable character of elevation appropriate to the bank building, a solid façade with a strong feeling of bank security and a specially designed entrance porch is a key feature of the building.

The Mehsana Urban Cooperative Bank at Mehsana in Gujarat sets the right example of how architecture plays a major role in upholding the gravitas of a public building and creating a conducive workplace. We have considered energy saving one of the crucial guiding factors of this design. The design intended to create maximum comfort to the user. The building was designed considering the environmental factors such as green architecture & energy conservation which we use in all our projects. In this project we have used screen wall system to use maximum daylight, minimize the heat and omit glare. This will help to reduce the inside temperature during the summers and help to minimize air-conditioning load. Also, this will give privacy to the building activities from the roadside area. The space is planned considering the comfort level of the person working inside the building.

M M Patel
Principal Architect, MMP Architects

Steel Used & Software incorporated
Steel was used as one of the major building materials in the RCC construction work, MS Box section for aluminum screen facade and suspended porch with glazing covering. The project features massing façade of exposed concrete with beautiful custom design screen wall and entrance porch.

It is a simple square footprint divided into modular system as per requirements of the project activities in basic layout and all other interior elements are in the same square modular pattern such as false ceiling, work area, partitions, etc.

AutoCAD, Revit, 3DS max, Sketchup and photoshop were the software used to make the project a success.

The architects were happy to have this project in their portfolio and were proud to associated with the old client after 25 years. They enjoyed working with a great satisfaction for the architectural values and providing beautiful functional activities to the corporate bank building for the people those who are working and coming to this building.

The construction of the project was completed within one and half year, it took 60 days for designing and preparation of documents with co-consultants.

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