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Auric Hall, Aurangabad

The DAB (District Administrative Building) is the first built development within the SBIA (Shendra Building Industrial Area) and is intended to house not only the administrative functions of the SBIA, but also operate initially as the anchor building that will cater to the needs of staff and visitors, and operate as a sales center. It is expected to be the window to the SBIA.

Key Features
Since it was intended to be developed as a key Landmark Building for the SBIA, the design was envisioned to fulfill the following characteristics:

  • A landmark building with a character that is sensitive to the context of Aurangabad and its history.
  • A building with a climate responsive design incorporating sustainable design practices to achieve LEED Gold performance rating.
  • A building designed to a standard that is fit for a Grade ‘A’ modern office building.
  • A functionally efficient building meeting all relevant building code requirements, as per the recently approved Integrated Industrial Area (IIA) DCRs adopted by Maharashtra State.
  • Well integrated with natural features and landscape, within the site to create an interesting blend of built form and semi covered or open spaces while meeting access, parking and other on-site requirements.
    Initial Ideation

The design intent was to create a timeless architectural beauty, which is contemporary, and design offers delightful spaces that lift hearts. To enhance engagement with spaces where people and activities thrive. To promote Interaction of Ideas to enable effective solutions and a meaningful building which is contextual to place, is environmentally holistic & encourages ‘REDUCE, RECYCLE, REUSE.’ A building that create spaces, that strives to achieve Innovation and Transcend in expectations.

Steeling Gain
Steel has been used on the façade & roof truss, which are crucial elements of the building. For the larger truss span, steel was a choice due to its durability, structural flexibility and higher load carrying capacity. Due to the advantage of steel construction in being rapid, it was a chosen technique to fit within the constrained building completion deadline. Another, advantage of steel is that it can be constructed off-site and assembled on site which saves a lot of time and multiple works can happen simultaneously.


Although advanced in construction technology and function, Auric Hall is sensitive to the local context and rich heritage. The design lends a fresh contemporary touch to the traditional Mughal Architecture. Choreography of light and shadows, created by the intricacies in the bold Jaali patterns engulfing the building, along with elaborate yet structurally minimalistic gateways form a fascinating storyline. Offices and workspaces have become crucial since people spend maximum time here.
We at I. M. Kadri architects believe in building socially responsive buildings where people and activities thrive, infusing spaces with vibrancy and warmth by fostering a connection between the users and the outdoors – this thought became a key driver in the planning of spaces.
Rahul Kadri
Principal Architect, I. M. Kadri architects

Design Specifics
A Peripheral compound wall with gateways at entrances has been planned, which act as definite pause points. The design of the landscape area adjoining the approach road, is inspired by the Char Bagh concept along with a water body at its center, creating a focal point. The entrance porch design has been inspired by contextual historic elements like repetitive arches, traditional patterns, jaalis, etc.

The atrium is intended to serve as an exhibition space, with a display of artwork, to show case Aurangabad’s rich history. All levels corridors overlooking the atrium make it the central display area in the entire building. Entry-level spaces have been designed to be free flowing and transparent, to allow visual as well as physical connectivity throughout the ground floor, which houses all the public facilities. A lower ground floor has been created (partly below adjoining ground level) to accommodate public parking and VIP parking is provided on the ground floor. AITL (Aurangabad Industrial Township Ltd) offices are planned on the top most floors with adjoining terraces, which serve as apt viewing galleries for potential buyers who will visit the AITL offices.

Reanimating History
This five-story building takes its inspiration from the historic architecture of Aurangabad, where, patterns of structures like Bibi-ka-Maqbara have been used in the screens that envelope the building. This building intends to bring back to life the traditional historic elements through means of modern interpretation. Inspired from the Paan Chakki, a water cascade is featured in the landscape. Repetition and symmetry have played an important part in the designing and conceptualizing of the structure.

Contrasting to the external symmetry, it hides inside many asymmetric surprises every alternate floor has a different layout lead by strategically staggering spaces to avoid repetition and homogeneity. The building is a collage of office-spaces and terraces. Simultaneously, along with the atrium, the lift lobby and staircase connect the spaces vertically. Every lift lobby opens into green double height terraces that face the south façade on one side and a long connecting corridor on the other. On either side of the corridor are office spaces, which are offered views of green terraces or of the atrium alternatively.

Volumes and heights differ from space to space making it a memorable experience – where the atrium is as high as the building, the terraces on the three sides are double height and finally the offices spaces are a single floor height. Office spaces have been planned as per an open plan concept to enhance interactions and productivity along with the spirit and mood of the people. They work best as they help to support an interactive environment, which will eventually help them along with the entire office to thrive. In contrast, are the tranquil corridors and serene terraces, where one could introspect or retrospect as the case maybe.

Vector works & Photoshop were the two soft wares mainly used to designing & detailing of the project from Concept to Execution. We were involved in the design process right from the concept and through detail design towards tender with the clients. And again as part of the design and build team towards execution.

The experience of working with a construction company was unique. The focus, in addition to design functionality and aesthetics, is also on the optimization of designs both in terms of performance as well as costs. Although as architects we approach any project holistically, our focus most often than not, is more on design and achieving our intent as best we can. The additional aspect here is to be able to achieve the desired design intent in the most economical, but sound way.


Fact File

Architect : I. M. Kadri Architects
Steel Fabricator & Supplier : B.M. Steel Works
Structural Engineer : R. S. Mandrekar & Shapoorji Pallonji Co. Ltd
Contractor : Shapoorji Pallonji Co. Ltd
Steel Tonnage : 319MT
Status : Ongoing

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