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Embassy Industrial Park, Chakan

Ten years ago, no one was able to recognise the potential of warehousing in India. Today, logistics cost contributes 13-17 per cent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in India and Warehousing contribute approximately 25 per cent of logistics cost. The explosive growth of retail markets and the E-commerce industry, the emergence of international players, a renewed focus on manufacturing led by the government’s “Make in India” campaign and the impending implementation of GST in the country – are driving a paradigm shift in the industrial, light manufacturing and warehousing sector.

Embassy is committed to bringing quality Grade A industrial, light manufacturing and warehousing spaces in close proximity to leading consumer and industrial clusters across India.

Getting the best on board
Today clients no longer need simple warehouses to store their goods. They are looking for turnkey solutions that maximize supply chain efficiency while minimize operating costs. Embassy Industrial Parks provides build to suit spaces, with all necessary approvals, to meet the need for modern industrial and warehousing spaces. These spaces are master planned to meet the most exacting requirements for power, water and connectivity to distribution centres along major logistical corridors and ports. To meet the client’s expectations, Embassy had taken on board Architect’s and consultants of repute as their design partner to realize company’s vision.


It is in the ethos of Embassy Industrial Parks to be on point when it comes to timely delivery, specs, cost, and construction. We are highly invested in our esteemed list of customers. We identify the pain-points of our clients and make it our priority to take charge of them ourselves. Service to us is as important as the product and we continue to set new benchmarks for Grade-A quality warehousing solutions. Embassy Industrial Parks – Chakan has been delivered to clients already. Having the first mover’s advantage makes our future look bright.
Anshul Singhal, CEO, Embassy Industrial Parks

Having realized the potential of the selected consultants and architects for this business they have given them a free hand at:

  • Bringing to the table their innovation and creativity at the core while envisaging and designing the
    industrial park.
  • Envisioning the Turnaround time (TAT) for the project deliverables to enable a faster Return On Investment (ROI).
  • Explore possibilities of Value engineering within the designs to bring about cost efficacy within the project and also take an innovative approach through technology.
  • Ensuring that all architects and consultants approached this project in the most confidential manner thereby safeguarding Embassy’s interests.

Facing Encounters
The first & foremost relevant agenda on board was to secure land positions which allowed expandability & flexibility for our customers. Embassy Industrial Parks is a highly customer centric service company, so this was very essential to us. Today we can buy land & construct anywhere in the country at a pace 30 % percent faster than the market. Making tenants aware about the benefit of ‘’A’’ grade warehouses was taken as one of the key initiative. Also, among other challenges, was to understand the government policies for various processes of statutory approvals to funnel down to single window clearance, it was envisaged and successfully done for our project locations. As the expectations in the market are increasing day by day, the challenge also remains to keep the project at cost and rent as per market dominated by local/unorganised player. It needed strong persuasion and marketing strategy.

Take on steel
Steel Buildings is future of construction in India. Steel is also recognised as the sustainable ‘green’ product that can be recycled. Steel being the sturdy metal, also helps preventing buildings against the natural disasters. Steel Buildings is the fastest way to build a safe and quality assured structure that generates minimum pollution and makes minimum use of natural resources such as water and electricity. Steel structures are easy to transport as they are lightweight. Also, there are no health hazards of using steel structures in construction. This technology should be made mandatory for private and corporate buildings also in cities. It requires minimum space for construction and erection can be done in few days without any hindrance to traffic flow and there is no dust and noise pollution, like one sees in the conventional method of construction.

Striking Features
Buildings has a large span of 120.0 mt with module of 24.0 mt. Also, intermediate column spacing is taken at 17.0 mt. So, all internal column grid spacing considered 17.0 mt x 24.0 mt for racking arrangement and free movement of equipment. Roof sheet has taken standing seam with sheet thickness 0.6mm colour coated with SRI value 78 as per green building norms. Louvers has taken all around the periphery of building and Roof monitor at Ridge of building for efficient air circulation as per NBC. For daylight Polycarbonate skylight has been used as per industrial norms to save the electricity in day hours.

Pre-Engineered Steel Building was supplied by Zamil Steel Buildings India Pvt Ltd. They have used ASTM A 572M with Yield strength 345 MPA steel for primary members. All the section used in buildings has design and detailed by manufacture as per available thickness size of steel plates in market. However, all the steel members have been fabricated as per design requirement in Manufacturer factory.


Fact File

Architect: Venkataramanan Associates
Structural Consultant: Tata Consulting Engineers Ltd.
Logistics Consultant: Miebach Consulting
Client: Embassy Industrial Parks
Steel Supplier: Zamil Steel Buildings India Pvt Ltd
Steel Tonnage: 45,700 MT

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