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Noamundi, Jharkhand

Tata Structura has opened a floodgate of opportunities for architects and structural engineers. The brand has created unprecedented possibilities with innovative solutions. The mass housing project for the Raw Material Division of SAIL in Gua, Jharkhand, is an instance where Tata Structura has been able to make a difference not only in the construction process, but, also in the lives of the people of that region. The project was assigned to the structural consultants Sinha & Associates, Kolkata. The contractor was Lloyd Insulations (India) Limited, Kolkata and BSD Enterprise, Kolkata was the fabricator of the project.

The project was completed successfully and brought the blessings of secure shelter to the people in Noamundi. The modern structural design employed in the project represents the remarkable progress in the world of construction in India. Yet again, Tata Structura established steel as the preferred material for building tomorrow’s India across all sections in our society.

In all, 218 MT of Tata Structura hollow sections were used in the construction of these residential buildings. A total of 27 buildings were constructed and 8 MT of hollow sections were used in the construction of each of these structures. It took six to eight months of well-planned construction work to complete the entire project. The extraordinary strength and flexibility of Tata Structura made it the preferred choice for constructing the houses which demanded that they be sturdy and last really long.

Fact File
Client: Steel Authority of India
Consultant: Sinha & Associates
Steel Supplier: Tata Structura
Tonnage: 218 MT
Status: Completed

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