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In today’s day and age, most of the architecture that surrounds us becomes a kind of background hum, to be noticed only when it is exceptionally striking. When our eyes move around in our surroundings, do we notice the box-shaped edifices that existed in the past or that one building that irks our imagination? The answer is clear and undeniable. A structure that speaks volumes through its design, the Skyone Tower reinforces the term ‘standing out in a crowd’. An inception of the Creative Group, the curious architects wanted to innovate a building that not only sustains the ability to influence the emotions of the human mind, but, also encapsulates functionality.

In the present global context, a single window approach looking beyond architecture is a necessity. It is not only important to develop a design that is aesthetic, but, it should also be commercially feasible, for the overall viability of the project

Prabhpreet S. Shah,
Executive Director, Creative Group

Redefining the Perception
“When architecture is envisioned through an inventive lens and gracefully executed, it has an impact far beyond its footprint. A great building can revive a locale, energize its surroundings or simply exhibit a sense of wonder”, asserts Prof. Charanjit Shah, Founding Principal, Creative Group. Redefining the perception of skyscrapers, the Skyone Tower is a concept influenced by the free body movements of a female ballet dancer, standing tall. The swift dialogue exchange between two ballerinas while dancing depicts the dynamism of the building whist respecting nature. Inspiration has also been taken from flowing water that flows along with the wind and cuts its way through rocks to make deep valleys, thus, depicting fluidity merged with strength. Apart from adding a sense of buoyancy, the building incorporates the client’s logo in a three dimensional form, both vertically as well as horizontally, hence repositioning the client’s identity. The project will be a landmark project with its unique design which propagates not only the architect’s intent but also the client’s vision to reinforce their brand in the country.

Reviving with Environment
An international class product providing high quality commercial and retail areas along with office spaces for the client, studio apartments and a health centre with a swimming pool, this mixed use tower will rekindle the suburban city, making it the hub of international corporate offices and residential housing developments. As we enter the site, the commercial complex has its façade facing the road whereas the housing tower sits back, away from the hustle and bustle. This segregated approach has been taken to maintain the privacy of the housing and the office space. The commercial plaza has a stepped building form which is higher in the rear and low in the front to avoid any obstruction in the visibility of the tower from the main road along with serving the purpose of recreational areas for the residential and corporate spaces. The site has been planned in such a way that the commercial activities do not interfere with the office spaces, thus, maintaining the reticence of the work environment.

Ideating the Structure
Talking about the structure, it seems as if the entire building could be a fold-up affair, twisted into circular forms. The tower has been highlighted by adding curves, but at the same time, it has been stabilized with a central core. The building is enveloped with steel vertical bands all around within which a unique jali pattern is used, which not only acts as an aesthetic element but also stabilizes the building oscillation. Adapted from a fluid DNA structure, the intertwined “jali work” adds richness whereas the green band manifests the connection with nature. Altering the idea of a conventional high rise building, breathing spaces have been provided after every seven floors in the tower, in the form of sky courts outlined with landscape designs. These sky courts act as open spaces which can be utilized commercially as recreational zones, adding a delightful mood of lightness in the structure. Reiterating Creative Group’s philosophy of coexistence of architecture and nature, the manicured landscape lets the building breathe with nature.

Enabling Sustainability
Sustainability has also been given prime importance while designing the skyscraper. The energy efficient facades of the building intelligently use natural daylight by providing maximized glazing on the north façade. The wind direction is along the longer façade which allows wind to pass over the curved faces on east and west. The flat slab structural system has column less office spaces with structural bracing done at every seven floors. As we move inside the building, we are welcomed with ebullient spaces that allow a relaxed and easy movement within the tower. This effortless movement energizes the user to meander through the retail spaces without any confusion. “The idea was to present the user with a building that requires zero effort. We are not only fusing our idea of dynamism with stability, but also efficiently utilizing each and every space,” explains Ar. Gurpreet Shah, Principal Architect. Double façade has been provided on the ground floor for maximum employment of spaces and an extended shopping experience making it an “extroverted” building. The roof terraces are developed to be used as open air restaurants and clubs whereas the proposed podium could be used as an open air banquet, designating a function to each space.

Harmonious Working Environment
“In the present global context, a single window approach looking beyond architecture is a necessity. It is not only important to develop a design that is aesthetic but it should also be commercially feasible, for the overall viability of the project,” illustrates Er. Prabhpreet S Shah, Executive Director. On the same lines, Creative Group recognized local consumer perception to increase footfall in this multi-use tower, thereby, giving the users the best commercial and retail experience, not forgetting to inculcate a relationship with its surroundings as well as the nature to provide a harmonious working environment for the working class.

Rehabilitating the image of a commercial skyscraper and shifting the focus on the customer experience, Skyone Tower creates a perfect balance between design innovation and practical retail considerations. Trumping the humble high street, yet, providing convenience which is rapidly multiplying to suit the end user, this ‘legend in the sky’ is a new form of urban intelligentsia.


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