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The concept of Luxury Hotel based service apartments arrived in India a decade ago, and while Surat has become more integrated with the global economy, executives from all over the world travel to business hubs and spend weeks or months working from different locations. Surat, which is 4th fastest growing city of the world, is blessed with immense talent in diversified fields is a manufacturing hub for Textiles, Diamonds, Jewelry, Fabric, Pharmaceuticals, Agricultural Products and also now Real Estate. The visitors in Surat basically require a living space where they can stay for longer duration compared to a hotel. Staying at hotels for such long periods is costly, where The World – Luxury Hotel Apartments will offer an alternative. It is designed in such a way where a person can enjoy the pleasure of home and services of a hotel. Moreover it is reflective Hindva’s respect for Surat’s incredible history and futuristic developments, combined with their own aesthetic.

Creative Minds On Board
Collaboration with an iconic, creative as well as well-experienced supportive firms is the growing trend today. Hindva has always teamed up with the best talent when it sees a dream to turn into reality. Since the launch of Palazzo, Hindva is associated with the principle designer ZZ Architects, multiple award-winner architectural firm who designed the appearance of The World. Besides, Hindva promisingly works with Aayojan Architects in all its projects, who contributes vital part of association at construction and clearance at local governance. With an ancient aim to cultivate the project that designates the diverse quality of its own, and looking at the essential magnitudes and developments in Surat, ADDA Architects & Urban Design has teamed up with Hindva in 2013. Hindva has always followed the footsteps and guidelines of Er. Jalil A. Sheikh, known as city’s most respected structural engineer. Hindva had asked all its architects and consultants to use method of an advance architecture, structural engineering, interior and landscape with droplet of spectacle rudiments in designing of The World.

The Groundwork
‘The World’ is a luxury hotel based service apartments located in the heart of the ever evolving city of Surat. ZZ Architects had to conceptualize the design of The World to reflect the spirit and heart of the emerging city. Designed with a host of unique architectural and interior elements, the aim was to give the visitors an experience to remember each time they visit the place. The emphasis was on designing an iconic structure combining functionality and aesthetics.

The team at ZZ Architects aims to assure that at the planning stage itself the designs are made technically sound. Services are integrated along with the design of the building. Imbued with thoughtful planning and unique design vocabulary, the project had to be designed to reinvent the experience of having a home away from home. There was a clear mandate that the team wished to create a timeless space, something that would grow on the patrons as they frequent the place. Comfort and quality were always the key words.

Selecting Steel
Steel has been used because of its inherent properties of durability, strength and resilience. Steel panels facilitate the creation of double skin facade offering better thermal performance of the building. Steel was used for cladding of the external columns as well. Instead of the typical linear buildings, The World has been conceptualized in curved form where steel again proved to be a metal of choice thanks to its inherent property of flexibility. The use of steel has also facilitated the creation of the large skylight covering the grand atrium of the building, which is also a focal point of the building. The atrium had to be a large open space to accommodate vast array of functions and aesthetic elements, making steel an appropriate choice.

The World is being constructed with drywall system supplied by Gyproc – a Saint Gobain Company. Around 60 per cent of drywall material contains high quality galvanised steel and due to its implementation, the design and weight of building structural becomes light as compared to the traditional building construction method, and also it doubles up the strength of the building’s durable life.

Architectural USP
Design of The World is developed with the emphasis on volumetric massing creating a virtue of grandeur on the inside and outside. The design creates an envelope by accommodating a central atrium space which spans for eleven floors covered with a massive skylight that depicts the sky. The entry to the hotel happens through a grand canopy which is designed to create a pleasant vista. The canopy also accommodates a water cascade which divides the vehicular movement. The landscaping plays an integral part in the design. Once complete, The World will house a theatre, state of the art gymnasium, salons and spas, fine dining restaurants, a golf zone, clubhouse, and a jogging track in addition to 300 suite apartments of different capacities.

Geometrics and Challenges
The design of The World has been derived from two concentric arcs joined at the ends thereby forming a huge ellipse. The void at the center forms the main entrance of the building with all activities planned along the periphery of the elliptical void. The geometry ensures that large areas within the building benefit from natural light and illumination. The main challenge was to maintain the quality of spatial planning by using appropriate materials and placing different activities at apt locations and to make a cohesive structure.

Structural Perspective
The large layout of The World encompasses areas for entertainment and interaction that cater to a variety of activities and conveniences. The enormous facade has been detailed using two different tones of glass to break the monotony and to give a distinct appeal to the entire structure. Each elevational treatment responds to its specific context whilst also addressing the development of the project as a whole by using consistent palette of materials and architectural components. Structure system is designed keeping in mind the double height spaces and long spans especially on the ground floor. The structure does not obstruct spaces and look grandeur while connecting the outside landscape to interior spaces.


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