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COLORBOND® XRW Spectrum Series


ASF, one of the world’s largest chemical producers, headquartered in Ludwigshafen, Germany decided to build a manufacturing unit in Chennai for making catalytic converters used in Automobiles. Aswathanarayana & Eswara LLP was considered as architect and consultant for the project. BASF project site location was close to the main entrance of Mahindra World City, Chennai, hence, maintaining a seamless decorum alongside the industrial expanse with an out-of-the-box design, was one of the primary requirements. Also designing this landmark building with an aesthetic appeal and ensuring its long-term durability of cladding material for a brand like BASF was the final intent.

H.E. Sriprakash Shastry, Partner in Aswathanarayana & Eswara LLP was completely aware of the BlueScope brand and its extensive contribution in the steel structures and solutions space for building materials. To suit the reputation and legacy of BASF, ZINCALUME and COLORBOND® were the obvious choices, resonating in itself a 50-year old heritage. Specifically, COLORBOND® XRW spectrum series was selected. Packed with a blend of metallic beauty and design flexibility and durability, the tone of spread of colors in spectrum series has been carefully selected to blend harmoniously with tropical environment, reflecting the strength and beauty of tropics.

ZINCALUME® steel material was selected for roof application due to its anti-darkening property, strength, flexibility, and its long-term durability. For building a world-class architectural marvel, profile selection was the next challenge for Aswathanarayana & Eswara LLP. BlueScope Steel’s Profile magazine – an inspiration in itself, was referred for profile shape, sinusoidal was the best suitable option over trapezoidal form.

Horizontal laying was adding sleek architectural look for building, and same was decided for installation methodology. The horizontal profile laying was more challenging, than the vertical laying. But, with proper care on supporting structure, it was cited to be simple to erect. Inspite of having a special requirement where colour was concerned, Tata BlueScope was able to supply the material on time – ZINCALUME steel coils for roof application and COLORBOND® steel coils (liner panel and wall panel) to both internal and external customers as per project schedule.

“This was a unique project which was possible only with collaboration and joint efforts with all involved. It is a result of a team work and expertise from all corners. Tata BlueScope Steel’s team has truly lived upto our expectations and made it possible for us to deliver a state-of-the-art pre-engineered building, and new age steel structure with world-class architectural look”, Aswathanarayana & Eswara LLP spokesperson quoted.

It is an iconic design and has become a landmark within the vicinity and around the Mahindra World City. Aesthetically exuberant, with a tinge of copper penny bronze shade, the structure is a striking example of imagination being transformed into reality. The building stands tall amidst serene backdrop of one of the most integrated hubs of modern India. BASF was happy with the final output of building mentioning it is a reflection of BASF image on factory shade as well along with high quality product.


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